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Product name : YUHI
type : Sex toy
color : red,purple.pink
size : 173x41x81mm
material : Non-toxic ABS+Silicone
Max noise : less than 40dB
use time : charge 2 hours.use 80 minutes
Payment Terms : T/T,Paypal
Packaging Details : gift box and oem box
Delivery Time : 1-30working days
Supply Ability : 50000pcs/each month
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Material: Non-toxic ABS+Silicone 
Usage: for woman 
Waterproof :100% 
Powerful female sex toy 


                                          2013 latest sex toy for female,ladies sex vibrator

Brand: Easy.Love L
Product Name: YUHI
Properties sex product
type sex toy 
useage for woman
color purple.pink.blue
category vibrator
size 173x41x81mm
material Non-toxic ABS+Silicone
motor eccentric motor   
Features fashion electromagnetic charge
Waterproof 100%Waterproof
Max noise less than 40dB
use time charge 2 hours.use 90 minutes
Payment Terms T/T.paypal
Packaging Details

Gift box or OEM box

Delivery Time

7-30 workdays

Supply Ability

50000 units per month

Types have a lot of female sex toys, novelties, manufacturers in order to improve women's sexual interest is focused
flexible use of female sex toys can obviously regulate couples sex life quality, improve the affection between couples.

Is one of the most orthodox, why say it's the most orthodox?
Because it fundamentally simulation of men's supposedly "somewhere", can be directly from the vision impact
and the basic is used for the piston movement (not rule out a few specially designed products contain the g-spot stimulation, etc.)
the general material is very soft and elastic, let a person fondle admiringly
and basically this kind of products with a vibration function, can adjust the frequency of vibration
sticky products can also be fixed posture, convenient more creative style choice
this kind of female sex toys in the potential of the most explosive orgasms, so I call the - the most orthodox.

Jump eggs not only has the basic function of the piston, and often used as flirting supplies
you can use it to as a drainage for use, also can be made

Both men and women flirt is used, can stimulate Yin di, even backyard, holding a control handle switch
adjust vibration velocity to the appropriate frequency. Strong vibrations pleasure will give you a surprise.
Product design also comes with a flash at the same time, some of the functions

as you can imagine the pleasure of sex can increase the degree of less? Both male and female
between husband and wife is the most ideal sex toys, at the same time
the female sex toys have greater privacy, is easier to collect undetected.

                                                2013 latest dildo vibrator adult sex toy for woman

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