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Asia Adult Show (AAE)29th-31th 2013

Author : Date : 2013-9-16 11:11:54
 AAE Asia Adult Expo 2013

With a population of 4 billion, Asia is the most populated area on the planet.
Thus, the market for adult products and service there has always been huge.
Over half of the world's adult products originate from Asia
so naturally it is the sourcing ground for importers around the world.
The estimated sales volume of adult products in Asia is estimated to be billions of US dollars every year.
It is a promising market for innovative and quality items.   

In Asia, adult products have limited trading platforms and opportunities for large scale promotion.
AAE will serve as a unique opportunity where buyers and sellers are brought together under one roof.
This will improve cost effectiveness for those working in the adult products industry.
AAE will be an arena for networking,education and finding potential working partners.
It has received enquiries from domestic and international visitors, and some of them are wholesalers and traders
who voiced out their desires to find quality imported products.