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About adult product

Author : Date : 2013-5-20 9:15:24
1.About Adult products

Adult products not only can add sexual interest,improve the quility of sex, also can bring positive effect to health,Fox example,in menopause women can use sex toys to keep vaginal elasticity,prevent urinary incontinence and othe diseases,some doctors will recommend adult toys to reach its climax of women,Sexuak health is beneficial to body health,adult toys can improve the feeling of the body organs,the body will be more sensitive to some discomfort,whether attractive uniforms,uniforms,lingerie,literary work,sex toys,sex adult suppliers are used to strengthen your sexual contact objects,used to add a sex change,sex rigidity,easy to be used as an excuse to "cheat",so now has ventured into a variety of adult products,sex no longer drab.

Adult products category

(1).Local anesthetic adult things:
Represented by various "oils",its action principle is applied to the glans penis late-starter local mucosal anesthesia effect,reduce the sensitivity of the external genital organs,so as to improve the stimulus intensity of excitation ejaculation (threshold),prolonged intercourse. For the skin,the
glans penis mucosa is too sensitive to cause premature ejaculation patients.But if is prmature ejaculation due to central nervous system disorders,sexual excitement of medicine has no effect,in addition,the long-term use of this kind of product will reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis,will seriously affect the sexual experience.
sexual stimulation class adult supplies(supplies)
Such as the glans penis coronary sulcus ring (elastic ring with protuberant irritants, fixed under the glans penis coronary sulcus), penis coat (multi-purpose silicone as the material, can 'increase, extended the penis, take protuberant stimuli), condoms with protuberant irritant, and so on. Their role is to increase, strengthening the stimulation of the vagina, and thus make it easier for women to orgasm.
(3).Lubricant class
adult supplies (supplies)
Such adult material suitable for the lack of sexual excitement, or after menopause women. It can vaginal lubrication, reduce the discomfort or even pain sexual intercourse. Insufficient of sexual experience, spirit is too nervous sufficiency excitement of women is also very suitable for use, it can let a female easy to get used to, adapt to the penis insertion.
Masturbation class
adult supplies (supplies)
(4).There are
male and female apparatus, for some men and women are lack of a partner is a good substitute. As we have said, sexual arousal is a kind of energy, rather than suppressed pain it let it have a suitable release way, so this type of adult products, sex toys) did help to use such as husband and wife living in two.
(5).Auxiliary, treatment equipment class
adult suppliers (supplies)
Such as negative pressure or vacuum therapy apparatus. It USES the principle of negative pressure or vacuum, making passive congestion, erect penis to treat impotence. Personally, I think it's a big disadvantage is the penis hyperemia, increase at the same time cause the penis blood is blocked, causing the penis blood clot. When blood, blood capillary expansion by hypoxia, oozy, nonspecific inflammation, it would be easy to cause cavernous fibrosis of penis for a long time, appear not reversible pathological impotence, think carefully before use.
(6).The simulation class
adult suppliers (supplies)
Such as
male and female suppliers, according to human scale 1:1 simulation people completely, with medical non-toxic silicone. Types are divided into: inflatable doll, inflatable brother. Sister, simulation entity dolls, artificial reproductive organs
adult suppliers and health supplies
Such as increase in sexual interest
sex toys, sex products, some special good adult sex supplies, such as the SM SM supplies, sex lingerie, etc.