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Female sex toys market prospect is bright

Author : Date : 2013-5-31 15:14:49
                 Female sex toys market prospect is bright

Statistic according to industry sales, the female sex toys market is good, is better than male sex toys.
However, generally if the publicity is not in place, it is hard to find a market. And although more than 30
years reform and opening up, people's health consciousness also is not very open, so you also is a
potential market. Many people take adult shop in a side street, is one of the reasons. E-commerce, the
development direction of the future retail in September 2009 Mr Ye Si bit network consulting and market
research center jointly conducted the network shopping, the majority of users receive a positive response,
can be seen from the survey's preliminary results, the network shopping has become the consumption fashion,
China's netizens in China's e-commerce industry development space is enormous.

Online shopping has become a netizen consumer fashion, according to a survey in the first half of 2009,
77% of Internet users made online shopping, half of which is net age in more than 3 years old users.
According to the total number of Chinese Internet users at the beginning of 2009, 298 million people,
is currently China has 230 million people through online shopping. As the growth of the Internet users,
by 2012 China's online shopping population will reach more than 300 million people. Online shopping has
become a important retail channel in the first half of 2009, the network shopping once or more Internet
users account for 73% of the total number of Internet users, the number of Internet shopping in Internet
users accounted for more than five times the network shopping the crowd more than half of Internet
users per capita amount of online shopping of 950-950 yuan, which estimates that in the first half of 2009
the amount of online shopping could reach 200 billion yuan, the year will exceed 400 billion yuan.

Along with the rapid increase in the number of Internet users, Internet users more acceptance of Internet
shopping, by 2012, China's personal consumption amount of online shopping will be at least 800 billion yuan
of above. Sex products - high growth industry of sudden huge profits, would you like to share? According to
the professional statisticians of survey data shows, sex products with annual sales of up to ten billion yuan,
including billions of yuan a condom alone. With the high-speed development of China's social material civilization
and spiritual civilization, family planning supplies, sexual health supplies has been accepted by more than 93%
of the adults. In middle-aged men, 84% of people have the experience of buying sex products. Currently,
sex products market is growing at an annual rate of 63.9%, experts predict that as people ideas gradually changed,
three to five years later, our country will enter the sex products consumption peak.

Many radio stations across the country have opened column sexual knowledge, at the same time,
social media to promote, make rapid expansion in the sexual knowledge, sexual supplies the market
with the rapid expansion. Humans need sex products, like people thirsty to drink water everyday.
People gradually realized that sex products in husband and wife sex life, the importance of some shopping
malls also quietly appeared in domestic "couple supplies shop". China is a populous country, the space is big,
high profit is other goods do not match. Consumer: used condoms every man, every woman can have contraception
, actually from our contact almost inevitable when they began to use items. Citizens of the average life expectancy
in China is more than 70 years old, there are more than 60% of the time may be used to this kind of goods,
this is a huge market. If let people really know and understand sex products, at the same time can provide services
under the premise to protect the privacy of consumers, the market is going to be amazing. Operator:

sex products market has huge space and potential, it is a pity that at present domestic sexual supplies operators
are mostly in the condition of small, ubiquitous single product variety, price confusion. After carried on the detailed
investigation and study, we find that more than 95% of sex shops are in the local stock, stock prices and items
are subject to great limitations. Because sex products is a kind of special commodity, people are also more taboo
like to buy an ordinary everyday items to buy it. But traditional merchants DengKeShangMen after basic it is open
a shop, not in marketing, buy a lot of potential customers is due to feel not convenient or embarrassed to go to
the shop choose and give up. Authoritative data show that domestic Internet users are increasing to geometric figures,
and surf the Internet more than 80% of adults in the crowd. Because of this, all kinds of shopping website arises
at the historic moment, full of beautiful things in all kinds of goods. Online shopping form climate is also an embodiment
of social progress, sex products, in particular, quite a number of people for privacy protection are ashamed to go to
a local health food store to purchase goods directly. Sexual supplies online mall just solved the problem, to protect
the privacy of consumers, and online mall for global market, its market prospect and development potential,
no doubt has become by far the most popular industry! Market opportunity - currently
the only domestic one can low the cost into the big market!