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About the Plane Cup

Author : Date : 2013-5-11 10:09:56

Aircraft cup is composed of six parts:
(1) the hole (2) the thick protuberant gathered far infrared ray and rare earth permanent magnet (3) the far infrared wave and the rare earth permanent magnetic wave attachment area (4) a small amount of lubricant body storage area (5) can make the head of the cup body (6) the simulation colloidal soft and fine. The
plane cup


Aircraft cup cup can be understood as artificial YD, aircraft, is a kind of imitating women YD artificial articles can provide similar to a plane of pleasure. Aircraft cup can be used for medical purposes, for male semen collection, also can be used is when a sex toy. Also has to imitate animals for semen collection, as a kind of Ma Fanyan use artificial insemination
Appearance for beer cans or the sun, usually has a tubular inner holes for the users to insert. Usually manufactured sponge and soft glue, contact lines and lots of lubricant, and there are a lot of bumps and pit increased consumer excitement and pleasure. Tore the bottom sticker before use, to let users to thrust air circulation use more smoothly and sound reduction.
When used as a sex toy has said the plane for masturbation cup
, cup is also popular in Japan, especially the tenga, some rich people are using a one-off.
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Air jets are usually made from soft synthetic resin or silica gel, cheap plane cup commonly used material is sponge or silica gel. The plane cup
according to the shape and form and not well versed in form can be divided into well versed in, the main difference is is that end have closed. Well versed in shape or aircraft, as tail not closed, so lubricant and semen shot from the end. Not well versed in shape of the plane, I shoot the plane inside the cup, but not well versed in form on the plane glass cleaning, there is no breakthrough so convenient. Either aircraft cup, often in order to improve the use aircraft cup of pleasant sensation, in the lining of uneven to enhance the aircraft cup of stimulation. More real and beautiful products on the market, have tenga made in Japan.
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Aircraft cup characteristics
Air jets, in general, can obtain the degree of pleasure than name, namely general masturbation soft rubber. The diameter of the air jets is compared commonly big, and it is hard. So although seems convenient, but once you use a dozen minutes will find uncomfortable in hand. Position a little acid.
Recommend a method of use, it is put in masturbation soft glue out, then you will find in the masturbation soft rubber soled department there is a hole, is specially used to a small jump eggs, eggs will jump in, open, you will find pleasure in a straight line up. Remember that shell, don't play directly by hand grasp the soft rubber, as easily and happily.
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Air jets as men to be bestowed favor on newly
As a man, there are many ways to prove himself, but as a man, but there are a lot of people don't know how to love yourself. Actually men also to spoil, pamper yourself to prove himself.
Aircraft cup as new products in the field of male health, perfect for use with unique feeling, is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people gradually, and become male health care to be bestowed favor on newly. The plane what is cup? Visit physiotherapy aircraft cup China sales headquarters in the United States. According to understand, aircraft cup belong to male portable type of sex toys, also known as increase physical therapy cup, use their own health care function make the male sex organs
have health care function, to achieve the effect of increasing enlargement. Compact, like a coke cup, imitate Yin mouth anal sex three channels, the cup built-in structure, high simulation interface have a lot of bumps and pit lines and a large number of lubricant, so can be used with high fidelity, can achieve real experience.
Physical therapy aircraft cup ", "the United States is the world famous one of the PERFECT male sexual health brand the most representative of men's health physical therapy products, in dealing with male impotence premature ejaculation, and promote the effect of the secondary development particularly remarkable! Is the only twice on male sexual health
care products of playboy magazine. Physical plane cup first originated in Europe and the United States the United States, the foreign men for its utilization rate has been above 80%.
How to see the plane cup
in the Chinese market. "16 and 45, male friends in the United States, there are four people in every five people on average have aircraft cup, China's relative lack of research in this respect, it is difficult to see a qualified products on the market, the market still belongs to blank to be exploited, now are we entering the Chinese market timing is appropriate, China's large population, while the problem is not so open, but the trend of internationalization of China is speeding up, people will get more questions about sex, I believe that China will be a physical plane cup of the nation's largest market." PERFECT companies in the United States now look on the long term, they first fill the blank of the market in China in this respect, let the public know products, to accept products.
Learned, in 2000 volunteers in product use test result, authentic American aircraft cup of male friend impotence premature ejaculation and increase significantly improved. So he thought, only willing to love their men, to get women's favor. He warns customer, order the plane cup need to look for the official website, official website login authentic American aircraft cup, you can purchase the authentic American aircraft cup, began to favor their own journey.
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Use common sense
When you buy a male male sexual supplies masturbation devices in the future, please don't in a hurry, because the local men's sexual supplies when the factory will be coated a layer of fungicide on equipment, namely the male sex products surface has a layer of oily stuff! Another man sex products
itself is some odor, namely product your smell!
You had better use warm water to clean first, if you careful enough words will detect, man sex products
big local vaginal opening are pink, wash it off! Warning you here: this pink is also new product guarantee, if you are buying such products, unaware that pink is bought the somebody else is roughly used product oh!
Men's sexual supplies masturbation device generally has bring lubricant, which is manufacturer to you, but manufacturers generally send less lubricant is different, so you in buying men's sex products
at the same time also can buy some lubricant back more!
In men's sexual supplies is lubricant must be used, because of men's sexual supplies do not like women can secrete love liquid, allowing you to sex
lubrication, appliances only when lubricant energetic, talented enough to make you feel pleasure